Crypto Reading List

This is a small list of books and papers I put together on cryptography and cryptanalysis.

Disclaimer: this list is written by someone who does not have a Crypto PhD. If you want an officially blessed version you will need to ask your nearest friendly cryptographer.

Mathematically focused is intended to highlight the fact the book does not shy away from Mathematics. If you want a simple, advanced-maths-free explanation you might find these books disappointing: please check first to make sure the level is suitable for you.

Right now this just contains links to books and some online resources. I might expand it here and there with papers later. If you want to start looking at papers you can go and look at CryptoBib.

You may be interested in IACR Book Reviews.

Introductory/Overview/All topics

Overview, All topics (mathematically focused)

Block Ciphers

Hash Functions


Your need-to-know on RSA is covered in many introductory texts, as you'd expect from something that has been around since the 70s. However for a more specialized view, see:

Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Almost every Elliptic Curve introduction found outside the general books is fairly mathematical.


There are not many books on this yet to my knowledge.

Cryptanalysis Books

These books focus exclusively on cryptanalysis. Arguably Modern Cryptanalysis and the Block Cipher companion could have been included here, but they focus mostly on block ciphers, so I've included them there.